Sunday, March 24, 2013


This laugh makes my day....
He has the best laugh in the world and I could listen to him laugh for hours! I find myself doing the goofiest stuff just so that he will laugh! What a sweet guy!!! Love this boy with all my heart!

8 months old!!

Cole turned 8 months old on March 19th! I can't believe how fast it's going! He is getting bigger and better everyday!!! We love you Cole!


He's not quite big enough to play like the other kids, but he loves to be in the middle of things!

Easter shoot

Amy did a great job shooting the cutest boy for his Easter pictures!!! We love you Amy!

First family photo shoot - Thanks Melissa Vaughan!

Ready to drive!!!

Thanks Aunt Kirsty, Uncle Adam, and the As for my car! He's going to be really driving soon enough!!

The weather is getting nicer!

Cole loves his swing! We go out there whenever we can! He loves to watch everything, dogs included!! He's definitely going to love playing outside!!