Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The past few weeks (maybe months!!)

Cole is really growing fast!! He is still....on the verge of crawling. I know everyone says "Don't rush it..." and I don't want to rush it, I just want him to crawl! ;-)  He will be a happier boy when he figures it out! Until then, I am trying to show him how to do it, and he has moved a bit, as seen in the video, but I guess he's just not ready for it!!

We have been so busy lately!! We had our Easter photo shoot with awesome cousin Amy! Our Easter celebration at Auntie Kirsty, Uncle Adam and the twins' house. Our Auntie Leslie and Cousin Alexandra came here to visit...we went to our friend Claire's bday party. We went to Austin to see our awesome ATX family.....so much!

When we are not gallivanting around town we relax at home! Everyday he does something cute and funny! Everyday he discovers something new...it's so cool to see it all! I was just looking back at videos of his first few months, and while it DOES NOT seem like yesterday, because it feels like we have been a family of 3 forever, it does seem to be going fast!

Easter shoot!

Easter playing with cousins - Ava likes photos, Aiden is too busy running around!
 I like Aiden's 4-wheeler!

                                                    Love my cousin Alexandra!
                                                      Daddy and me! And his hurt arm :(
                                                 In Austin with Griffin!!! We look like twins!
Playing at Auntie Barbie's (before all the ladies arrive and love on me!)

Stay tuned for more cuteness via photos and videos!